Zatarra’s Incomplete Guide to the Crafting Quests for DAOC Hibernia Version 1.1   May 2004 ed.


(Supplemental Crafting Guide to Pharoah’s Guardians of Valor Guide)

After long searches on the VNboards and personally experience and frustration completing these quests I thought it might be helpful to others to have a complete reference.  The following information is full of errors and mistakes.  This is a preliminary guide until further confirmation and holes of information can be filled in.  Hopefully this helps some of you answer some of your questions to advance further in whatever you are doing.  It is currently being hosted at:  until more/another home can be found.  It is in MS Word format.


Currently as of  May 2004 there exist 4 crafting quests.  One at each 100 unit of crafting beyond 400 for each of the 6 crafting classes.  These can be obtained by going to your particular craft’s Trade skills Master and clicking on him.  While this is mainly supported at the TNN Masters it also has worked with limited success at the Domnann Masters and housing Masters but more on that later.


LVL    Title                            KEYWORDS                                                 Min. Req’d Lvl

500          “Worn Trade skills”            keyword to start “additional responsibility”                  5

600          “Tarnished Trade skills”     keyword to start “continue”                                                              10           

700          Hibernia  - 700”                   keyword to start “something”                                                          10

800          Hibernia - 800”                    keyword to start “proceed”                                                               10




The 500 one is +10% speed (50 charges)         +10 STR

The 600 one is +13% speed (60 charges)         +10 STR

The 700 one is +16% speed (70 charges)         +13 STR

The 800 one is +19% speed (80 charges)         +13 STR

The 500 one is +5% (10 charges)                       +10 STR

The 600 one is +6% (13 charges)                       +10 STR
The 700 one is +7% (16 charges)                       +13 STR

The 800 one is +8% (19 charges)                       +13 STR

Better: (note that this does not increase MP chances)
strength 10  

The 500 one is +1 qual (5 charges)                    +10 STR

The 600 one is +1 qual (6 charges)                    +10 STR
The 700 one is +1 qual (7 charges)                    +13 STR

The 800 one is +2 qual (8 charges)                    +13 STR



Reward Tools Names correspond to the type of bonus it will give you:

500 -Rewards:

Worn Pair of Scissors

Worn Needle

Worn Skinning Knife

Gem File                                                          Alchemy

Gem Chisel                                                    

Gem Hammer

Worn Weapon crafting Hammer

Worn Weapon smith’s Knife

Worn Weapon Etching Tool


600 - Weapon crafting

 Tarnished Weapon Etching Tool -- better

 Tarnished Weapon smith’s Knife – smarter

Tarnished Pestle – alchemy smarter



Crafted Stirring Rod                alchemy faster

Crafted Armorcrafting Hammer              speed



Well Made Armor Etching tool better

Well made Weapon Etching Tool          better

Quests Walkthroughs:

The 500 and 600 level quests are identical for all crafting professions.  Suggested setup to speed things up is have TNN, Domn porters, and Hastener NPCs setup in your house.  Use your trainer in Domnann to grant the quest if that’s working.



500 Quest:
Talk to trainer. (Aslander, Alchemist Master, near mage training area)
Talk to trainer assistant. (Alchemist Assistant, Mannuss, palace court yard)
Make item and take it to person in mag mell.
Go back to trainer assistant
Go to Howth and talk to Sosanna and get list.
Put list on hotbar and "use" it for steps to do -- you can't "use" it if you are moving so stand still, hit "e" and hit the hotbar icon for the next step to do.

First Item is Red Cabbage. Go speak with Merle the Old and "/say Cabbage". He is west of Howth up on hill at 14.3k, 42.2k in
Silvermine Mountains.

Second Item is Elderberries. Ride to Connla's Bridge and jump (Horse to Innis Carthaig). West-Northwest of bridge is a small camp with a cart. I found the berries in the cart at 21k, 20k In
Shannon Estuary.

Third Item is Blueberries. These are found at a log near the road riding from Connla to Ardagh in sight of Ardagh at 33.8k, 11k in
Silvermine Mountains. Connla is west of you and take horse to Druim Ligen. Jump at log. Stand at end closest to water till you have them.

Fourth Item is Indigo Leaves. Ride back to Connla from Ardagh and jump just past Howth. Go Southeast to the water and see the hut to the south. Go to water and slightly south to 24.7k, 59k in
Silvermine Mountains and stand next to weeds till you have them.

Fifth Item is Red Cedar Roots. Run Northwest to Howth and take horse north to Mag Mell. Jump at the Tower next to road just north of Howth and head west to closest Red Cedar and stand on the back side at 17.7k, 24.6k in
Silvermine Mountains till you have them.

Return Items to Sosanna and she gives you tarts to take to Loman who is just west inside the town on the wall tower. He gives you pots to take back to Sosanna. She lets you choose dye for Cloth, Leather, or Enamel and also gives you the dye for you to return.



600 Quest:

To do this quest you will need to have a crafting skill trained to 600 or higher.
This quest will start with any of the crafter trainers in any zone.
1) Speak with your trade skill master in TnN.
2) Deliver the Cart of Ore to Alwyn in Howth
3) Return to your trade skill master and see if there is anything else that needs to be done.
4) Deliver the Bolts of Cloth to Ronan in Connla
5) Return to your trade skill master and see if there is anything else that needs to be done.
6) /USE the Glowing Substance while carrying the other two items you received while on your deliveries.
7) Hand the infused hide to your trade master to receive your reward.

"Splendid! You have done an amazing job! Now as to your reward. Which would you like? Would you like to craft [faster], craft [smarter], or craft [better]?"



QUESTS 700 and 800 are unique to each class:  most are as of patch 1.69

Note: use of the new TnN stable boy (Carsten) (25.3k, 52.3k) at North entrance TnN can speed things up as well as TnN porter and Hastener NPC in house.


Armor crafting

700 Quest

to start: click “something” …

To solve the riddles you must make 4 objects. All must be 96% or better quality.  
Step 1     Turn in Gossamer Bedroll Pillow (cloth working)
Step 2     Turn in Rigid Saddlebag (leatherworking)
Step 3     Turn in Cobalt Wrought Jewelry Box (metalworking)
Step 4     Turn in Heartwood Curio Box (woodworking)
                Also all your sub skills above must be at 425 or better for successful creation of these items.
Step 5     Talk to Saffa … nearby merch supply NPC

Step 6     Return to Tegvan  /say “blue”

Step 7     Make Amber Tacuil Vest … uses lvl 6 mats so ya might wanna make this from housing.

Step 8     Receive reward from Tegvan


800 Quest

to start: click “proceed”… “errands”..”do them”  select Accept

Step 1     Talk to mercenary Luskadero in Ardee (54.8k, 51.3k Connacht in tavern)  Tegvan” “skilled armorcrafter” “duties” “chitin”

Step 2     Make Chitin Tacuil Gauntlets (lvl 8 mats get from house) for Goulc’hen (3rd lvl NW DL 46.6k, 2.2k)in DL

Step 3     Goto Josson (27.4k, 6.4k outside side building) in Mag Mell give him Chitin Tacuil Helm

Step 4     Goto Mercenary luskedaro in Ardee   /say “very appreciative”

Step 5     Goto Tegvan TnN and receive gift





Weapon crafting

700 Quest:

Total cost about 40-50g

Gossamer Bedroll Pillow
Rigid Leather Saddlebag
Cobalt Jewelry Box
Heartwood Curio Box

Cedric wants his "own shop"

Cobalt Bastard Sword turn in at Culraid
Cobalt Sickle turn in at DL

You need to make sure your saddle bag is 96% quality or greater, if you make it and it drops on top of one that’s say 94% quality to make a stack that will effectively make both of them 94% (I believe).


800 WC quest - Search for Fagan's daughter.

To start:

Goto Hendrika WCer Master in TnN      “proceed” “favor” “can you” click accept

Step 1     Goto Fagan (27.9k, 7.2k center bldg) in Mag Mell click “siabra” “any way” “debt” receive note to luskedao

Step 2     Goto Mercenary Luskedaro (54.8k, 51.3k) in Ardee tavern and give him the note

Step 3     Goto Omorialee (54k, 10.8k) in Lough Derg    

 take horse to ast Lough Derg hop off near roane maidens on your right by lake     /say “Fagan” receive note

Step 4     Give Note to Fagan in Mag Mell    - best way is to sprint to E.L.D. stables (54.8k, 22k) and horse it to MM

Step 5     Receive reward from Fagan





700 quest: on MIDS!!
do the 4 riddles, and make the following: gossamer bedroll pillow, rigid saddlebag, fine alloy wrought jewelry box, and a heartwood curio box. All must be 96%+.

It pretty much makes sure your secondary skills are up. If they are 450 and over, you should be fine in making the above.

Talk to Coventina Bordin (she's right above Arliss) And she'll spout out about her favorite food (fresh fish). Go back to Arliss and talk to him. He will ask you about Coventina's favorite food. Reply fresh fish and he will ask you to make a pair or seamist gloves and boots.

The gloves go to Thol Dunnin at Snowdonia station and the boots go to Tyna Blade at Caer Witrin. (yeah, long horse ride, but I used the port at CS to bypass it)

Return to Arliss for your reward.




700 - In TNN
Go to trainer, get a quiz. Answers are:
Make gossamer Bedroll Pillow (96+)Hand it in
Make hard leather saddlebag (96+)Hand it In
Make cobalt Jewelry Box (96+) Hand it In
Make heartwood curio box (96+)Hand It In *
Make stonewood short recurve (96+)Hand it in
Get Reward

Rinse and repeat.
Technically, if you had all these items, you could do it standing in place.
Caution. making a lower trinket. drop it or sell to the Fletcher supplier IMMEDIATELY. If you make a better one, it auto stacks and drops to lowest quality.
* This quest was bugged and had to have CSR look into it and reset it.  Suggested making EXACTLY 96 qual curio box.  I made dumped all boxes (as they stack sadly and can’t delve for quality on them yet) and made and dumped em till I had 1 in invent exactly 96 qual.


Get wood from trainer
See lady in mag mell, drop off wood
She wants a stonewood heavy recurve, Go back to Nog (no lathe in Ardee damn)
Make bow, back to Mag mell
Deliver bow, back to trainer for reward.

Hint...stock up on Stonewood and Whatever the same tier thread is. (I forgotsilly.gif)
And yes, the keywords are messed up.




Spell crafting

[Step #1] Your trainer has tasked you with making a faceted Light War Spell Stone. Return to your trainer when you are done with this.
(97 qua is good enough)

[Step #2] Find Saffa in Tir na Nog and listen to her for a while. When you have learned a few things about her, return to your master.
(Saffa is the SC merchant in TNN)

[Step #3] Return to Shannen in Tir na Nog.
(Shannen is SC Master, /whisper spice garden)

make (98+ qua works 95 doesn’t)
flawed fiery arcane spell stone,
flawed earthen arcane spell stone,
flawed watery arcane spell stone,
flawed icy arcane spell stone

[Step #4] Now turn in flawed icy arcane spell stone.
[Step #5] Now turn in flawed fiery arcane spell stone.
[Step #6] Now turn in flawed Earthen arcane spell stone.
[Step #7] Now turn in flawed Watery arcane spell stone.
[Step #8] Chose a reward that is most appropriate for you.

800 Skill Spell crafting Quest
[Step #1] Make a precious Fiery Essence Jewel for Shannen. 98 qua good enough
[Step #2] Make a polished earthen Shielding Jewel for Nyra in Mag Mell.

[Step #3] Make a polished icy Shielding Jewel for Surcyn in Mag Mell.
[Step #4] Return to Nyra in Mag Mell. Tell her Surcyn says [thank you].
[Step #5] Return to Shannen in Tir na Nog.
[Step #6] Chose a reward that is best suited for you.




700  (all finished items must be 96+ qual)

Step 4     Make Stable Spirit Alloy Tincture for
                Wrina Darkcloud in Druim Cain 36.5k, 3.9k 2nd level above the south door
Step 5     Make Volatile Cold Alloy Weapon Tincture for
                Wrenn Darkcloud in Druim Ligen 47.3k, 1.5k bottom lvl near north door
Step 6     Goto TNN Alchemy Trainer Aslander 16.3k, 23.8k TnN
                Receive gift

Starting Quest:
Goto TnN Alchemy Trainer ASlander 16.3k, 23.8k TnN
Select "adventure" then select "positive" then Accept

Step 1     Make Stable Fire Mithril Tincture and give to Aslander TnN
Step 2     Make Volatile Fire Mithril Weapon Tincuture and give to
                Nyra in Mag Mell (26.5k, 6.4k Lough Derg)
Step 3     Make Elixir of Deftness and give to
                Surcyn in Ardee (55.3k, 51.3k in tavern)
Step 4     Make Elixir of Might and give to
                Mercenary luskadero (54.8k, 51.3k in tavern) in Ardee
Step 5     Return to Nyra in Mag Mell and say "thank you"
Step 6     Return to Aslander in TnN
Step 7     Receive gift


-Go to Aslander
-Right click Aslander
-type /say sewing

Notice that the answer is lowercase, not capitalized, and it does make a difference. Good luck



I thought the alb 800 alch quest was broken yesterday too, but it was just badly written.

I was told to make 2 potions (forgot exactly which) and take them to an NPC in ludlow, no mention was made of minimum quality as it usually is (and there's no quality req for the tinctures you have to make), I tried to give him the first one I made and got 'blah blah doesn't want that item.' I was about to give up but then I tried making another 97+ one and it worked...



Approximate Costs per Craft reaching to LGM (1000 skill level):

(All costs below are rounded estimates)

Armor Crafting
Cost to LGM: 10-13 Plat

IMHO utilize Reinforced (RI) boots, gloves and occasional sleeves all the way to LGM.  Beyond that it is l51 RI sleeves and then haubs.  The market in Tristan for MP/99 qual haubs scale and RI is horrific and don’t expect to get full value for your items here anymore.


Cost to LGM : 3 Plat (1100 5 Plat)
000-300 1g
301-400 29g
401-500 108g
501-600 277g
601-700 629g
701-800 1.3p
801-900 2.1p
901-1000 3.4p
1001-1100 5p

IMHO use gloves and boots as often as you can and occasionally grab the sleeves from one level higher for those patches.  Most of this stuff never sells in housing and I personally sell everything back except the MPs

Weapon Crafting
Cost to LGM: 20-22 Plat

IMHO dirk, dagger, stiletto are the way to go.  Save your 99 and MPs all the way up and put on merchs.


Cost to LGM : 18 Plat
000-200 1g
201-300 2g
301-400 6g
401-500 37g
501-600 1.2p
601-700 3.6p
701-800 6.3p
801-900 10.5p
901-1000 18p


IMHO use arrows as far as you can.  Remember the bodkin ones that utilize metal will help you skill up in the MW sub skill.  After that I found the exceptional short bows and others that utilize 22/7 tend to be the cheapest to use and skill up on.  I neglected skilling up the LW sub skill till LGM as I rarely had orders for instruments and/or staves with ToA now out.


Spell Crafting
Cost to LGM: 15 Plat
000-100: 1g
101-200: 7g
201-300: 33g
301-400: 130g
401-500: 600g
501-600: 1.6p
601-700: 3.6p
701-800: 6.3p
801-900: 10p
901-1000: 15p

IMHO beyond skill 1001 there is NO benefit to skilling up beyond bragging rights atm.  Rumors abound about when/how to skill up using oj or yellows.  I concur with most that using items 7 pts above your skill till 3-5 pts below your skill lvl is best.



Cost to LGM: 25 Plat (1075)
This is widely debated and varied.  IMHO I believe that this cost is based on selling back to NPC all you create while skilling up as well as not using any crafting tools.  Utililizing the skill up crafting tools as well as researching the alch items that are in demand in your housing market search engine and having a house with NPC merchant and approximately 2-3 months to have your cash “invested” into finished goods will yield a true cost of around 8-10 plat.

Create dye pots as often as you can skill up on them into the deep blues from reds

Create strong endur pots or power pots, water breathing pots, ablatives, DoT weapon tincts, DoT armor tincts, popular dye/enamel colors and TONZ of hardening charges (you will utilize these up eventually in RvR) and/or can sell them.


Crafting Ranks
0-99 - Helper
100-199 - Junior Apprentice
200-299 - Apprentice
300-399 - Neophyte
400-499 - Assistant
500-599 - Junior
600-699 - Journeyman
700-799 - Senior
800-899 - Master
900-999 - Grandmaster
1000+ - Legendary



Very key Links to Crafting resources online:


Armor crafting

Motog’s Armor Calc:                                

Armor Calculator (my fav):       

TOA Armor:                                                

Armor type resists vs. other realms:       

Armor Calculator:                       

Technical Guide to Armor crafting:         



Weapon crafting

Motog’s Weapon Calc:            

Spydor’s Weapon Speed Calc:

TOA Weapons:                          

Legendary Weapons Formulas (500gp + weap is costs)

Neill's DAoC Stats Parser         




TOA Armor:                                                



Motog’s Weapon Calc:            



Spell crafting

Kort’s Spell crafting Calc Program              (imho this is invaluable tool a must have)

Herald Calculator                                       

Item Database:                                             2,500+ items

Spell Resists vs. offensive spell types:  

Rayado's Spellcrafting Guide                   

Spell Crafting Config Calc                        

Stat cap Calc:                                              

ToA Jewelry/Accessories                        

Spell crafting - Hibernia Notes                 

Spell craft Points/Level/Quality Chart




Prissy’s Guide to Alchemy:                      

Dye chart of old colors:                            

Trophy Items Comprehensive Guide:                  (personal fav)

Trophy items                                              


Chance to hit part of body:

chest 40%
legs 25%
arms 15%
head 10%
hand 5%
feet 5%




Armor, Weapons & SC calculators...And a bit of Alchemy!


List of costs:                                               

Albion Cost Calculator -                           
Hib Cost Calculator -                                 
Mid Cost Calculator:                                 

Mid/Alb Quest walkthroughs:                 


TOA Scrolls:                                               

Seals Link for Tinkering/Salvaging:   

ToA all quests list:                                    

DAoC Realm Abilities Configurator

EZ board Trade skills                                

VN board Trade skills:                               



Q: Last week, this was in the bag: "Q: I have a question about the trade skill tools. There is one that says it has a bonus on minimum crafting quality of 1%. Does this mean that if I craft a 99% weapon while I have equipped this quality tool I would get a MP instead? Or is its purpose only to get 95% quality as a minimum instead of 94%?"

And the answer was "A: From the Item and Trade skill Princess: " The minimum crafting quality bonus raises your quality floor, so as long as you have this item equipped, you should get a minimum of 95% quality on items you make."

As they say at news conferences, "Ma'am, I have a follow-up question". Is it accurate to say that when I have the quality bonus item equipped, I have a 2% chance for an MP and a 19.6% chance for each of 95, 96, 97, 98 and 99? If that's not accurate, what are the right numbers?

A: Good question. Here again is our Princess: "That's correct. Using the minimum crafting quality bonus leaves your chance at a masterpiece exactly as it has always been - 2%. It wouldn't be very helpful if having a +1 minimum quality bonus eliminated your 94% quality products, only to leave you with twice as many 95% quality

So, the remaining 98% chance is divided evenly between the five other possible quality outcomes (95, 96, 97, 98, and 99%)."


Q: What does each one of these tools do?
A: Faster => This takes a very small amount of time off crafting some item. The tool is used up too quickly to make it worth picking, because you will feel like you wasted 20 min of your life.
Smarter =>This too only uses a charge when your skill increases. By far the best tool out there in my opinion.
Better =>This tool makes it so that the lowest quality that you can make is 95. Many people use these for legendary weapons. This does make it slightly more likely to make MP items only insofar as the items that would have been 94 is now spread out evenly amongst the 95,96,97,98,99, and MP.

Q: What is the difference between the 500/600 skill tools?
A: I do not know for the Faster tool because I have never gotten it.
Smarter 500 10charges +5% chance of skill increase
Smarter 600 13charges +6% chance of skill increase
Better 500 5charges
Better 600 6charges

Q: How do I get this quest?
A: You HAVE to talk to the master of your trade in your capital city to get these quest.

Q: Can you do the quest more then once, and save the tools?
A: Yes. I would suggest doing it multiple times, so when you start crafting you can do it non-stop for some time. our can store them in your personal vault, for keeping.

Q: Why can't I use these in the guild vault?
A: You must use then yourself. You cannot trade them, to other players, put them in guild/house vaults, or sell them on the CM.

Q: Can these items be recharged?
A: These items CANNOT be recharged.

Q: How do I use the Trade Skill tool?
A: Simple equip it(where you would normally hold your weapon) and when it helps you it uses a charge, this may mean when you make any item with the faster tool, or just when you go up in skill with the Smarter tool.



Q: What is highest Siege craft skill and what are benefits?

68 are highest... takes about 10-15 gold to get there... just make the ammo types.

Benefits are faster builds of siege equipment once it is grey to you.





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