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Year in the Life  July 2007

A lot has changed in and outside the game. Faces have come and gone but Guardians of Valor is still here. It's been over a year since I posted a gallery...hence the gallery name. :D
The Precious  July 2007

RVR shots from the first half of 2006 plus some tasty pictures of Hib turning Alb completely green and capturing all six relics!
Addicted to the groove 

Still grinding along in DAoC after all these years. A small collection of funny pictures and moments of the past couple of months.


New Frontiers

The new rvr expansion 'New Frontiers' brought about a lot changes to DAoC. Here is a collection of screenshots giving a glimpse at some of the many changes (and bugs) that the expansion has brought about.


Keep on XP'ing!

Keeping things interesting is never a problem as this collection of shots shows off game bugs, mishaps, and crazy antics!


Master Level Raids 

Master level "trials?"   Never could a more true name be given to the hours and hours of "fun" we've been through to get our master levels.   Here are some pictures of both our successes and failures as we went through the master levels.   Thanks to those who sent in pictures for this section!


Oh Fun 

Here are some shots of members of Tristan Hibernia having fun and sometimes not so much fun all over the realm.   Thanks to those who sent in some of these shots of humorous events and strange bugs/events that have happened while they were in game.


Remember When 

The game sure has changed a lot over time.  We went through our old screen shots going back to the beginning of DAoC and were surprised at how much is different now.  Here are some old shots from the end of 2001 through the middle of 2002 that show how things were different way back when.


GoV Remember When 

Have you ever wondered How big were the first GoV meetings were back in 2001 or how the GoV banner was built?   In this section we go back in time and remember some of the early events in the history of GoV.


ToA Beginnings 

With the release of the Trials of Atlantis expansion to Dark Age of Camelot we've been busy discovering new lands, collecting artifacts and scrolls and doing the challenging Trials.  Here are some pictures of some of the things we've been doing in ToA.


Fall Follies 

With the coming of fall we had more guild events, RvR action and funny things caught on screenshots.  Check out our latest...


New and Improved

Here are some new and improved items we've found in the game.  Some of them are compliments of Mythic while others are things only our players could come up with.


Guild Event Fun

Each week Guardians of Valor has a Monday night guild event.  Many weeks the events are RvR related but there are also PvE encounter and other types of events too.  It's been a great way for our members to get together as one large crew and accomplish something fun.  Here are some shots from some recent events.
Formor Raid and Hydra Encounter 

Guardians of Valor has a weekly guild event and on this particular week we decided to check out the depths of Formor and see if we could make it to the Hydra.   Included are some shots of some of the interesting sights we found along the way.


Pandemonium Reigns 

Pandemonium prevails as a popular theme in both Guardians of Valor and DAoC.   Here are some shots of the strange and unusual not to mention the hilarious caught by screenshot.


Guild House 

With the Foundations expansion of Dark Age of Camelot, Guardians of Valor members farmed cash, salvaged and trinketed in preparation for getting our guild house.  Once we purchased it we wanted to document the first few days as we set up our new home.


Hangin' in the House 

Guild house up!  Let the partying commence.  Here are some fun shots of the house as we added decorations and figured out its features.  Next we had our first guild meeting in the house to try out the new basement.


Princes Perfect 

We want the prince's head on a platter!  Wait, there's more than one?  Ok, we're up for the challenge.  Check out some adventures GoV has had taking on and down the Darkness Falls Princes.


Stranger Than Strange 

The weird, the wild, the wacky.   Things just sometimes happen and you can't help but laugh and grab a screenshot.  These are some of our moments immortalized.


Fluffy RvR 

Check out this RvR action.  Bouxdag might call it fluffy.  We call it fun.   Well... except for the bits where we lose.


Operation: KEENZERG! 

About a month ago GoV had a guild event where we challenged everyone to roll level one keen's and port over to another realm and slap as many enemies before getting wasted. Here's a history of the event...


Spring Cleaning

Here are some strange and bizarre shots...The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Pocket Wonders 

Some cute shots and other curious incidents worth a browse...


Shrouded Isles Epic Dungeon Run

Rahlen, Lodi and Ssstomp coordinated a Shrouded Isles epic dungeon run on Sunday, December 22nd.  We got wiped in the end but saw some amazing scenery and some funky new mobs.  If you didn't make it it's worth checking it out on the next run.  Here's a history of the event...


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