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Please see our New Member Information page.

Would you like to become a member?
Guardians of Valor is recruiting friendly, active members in the Tristan server, Hibernia realm.
 Our guild strives to be a close-knit group of people who enjoy playing together.  If you're interested in becoming a member of Guardians of Valor and are level 35 or higher contact a leader or officer to let them know you're interested.

The officer will let the guild know you’re interested in membership.   Your responsibility is to send to the officer some information about you, your history in DAoC or anything you'd like the guild membership to know about you.  This information will be added to a voting thread for you in our member forums. At this point you'll want to group with and get to know the GoV members so that they can get to know you and vote for you.  You can look for GoV members when you come online by doing a /who Valor.

While you're a recruit we encourage you to ask about and join our weekly guild events which are held on Monday nights. The usual starting time for these events is 9-10pm EST and is a good way to get to meet some of our members.

The recruitment process is designed to be as fairly quick. 
Once you have received and held five positive votes (positive is the number of yes votes minus the number of no votes) and two days have passed since your voting thread has been posted you will be invited into the guild and will hold the rank of Guardian Initiate.  To identify that you are a new member and help you to evaluate whether GoV is right for you, you hold the rank of Initiate for two weeks. Your name will be listed on the front page of this web site so that everyone has an opportunity to welcome you to the guild. 

Three things we ask that you do during your time as an initiate:  Be sure to read our charter section so that you're familiar with what Guardians of Valor strives for as a guild.  Next, submit your member information for inclusion on our site Member Pages and third, register for the forums. We use our forums heavily for guild and alliance discussions.   For detailed information on sending in your membership information and how to register for the forums read our  New Member Information page.

After two weeks, you will be promoted to the rank of Guardian Defender or a higher rank depending on your accomplishments in the game.  Our Guild Ranks can be found here.

We're glad you're interested in our guild.  If you have any questions about this process please contact a guild officer or leader in-game or add a forum entry on our public forum. We look forward to getting to know you!

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